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This website was originally developed for IT purposes, and NOT intended for what it has turned into since receiving its first solicitation in 2008.  

Ten years and over 800 UNsolicited "solicitations" later, it has morphed into what it is today - 

A PARODY SITE that acts as "Matchmaker" between the "Solicitor" and  over 17,985 U.S. Based "Field Operatives."  

Coincidentally, that's the same number of Police Departments in the United States - Google that!

Not all of web form solicitations are for those wanting to cause harm to others.  Some are from individuals who are "looking for work" among a wide range of other request.   

Our clients are clearly concerned about Identity Theft and other bad stuff on the web, which is why RAH is 100% HIPPA compliant!  

Every "Solicitor" can rest assured that they are protected under the Hitman Information Privacy & Protection Act of 1964 - Google that!!

The reality is that only a small percentage of the solicitations received ever "pan out" into anything due to bogus email addresses, fictitious names and other unverifiable information, yet others are legitimate "cries for help" from individuals for a wide range of reasons.  

Some of the web form solicitations received are from victims of bullying as well as domestic and sexual abuse.

Multiple solicitations have been from juveniles who are being abused at home and are seeking "intervention" to help resolve their problems.  These are tough situations and have been on the rise over the last several years.  

Sadly, a few have been from those seeking assisted suicide options.  

None of these "Options" or "Services" are anything RAH has ever offered.

Yet, as the wheel still grind on the Internet, more and more people are finding this page by various methods.  Some are hearing about it through various outlets, while others are feverishly searching the Internet on how to "hire" or "rent" a Hitman, ultimately landing on this very website!  


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FUN FACT #28: Clicking on a banner ad will open up a new window to the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center (ic3.gov) where you can file a complaint about websites that are less than desirable.

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During the past decade, I have asked multiple public and private agencies and workgroups if they wanted to take over possession of the website.  Not a single agency or workgroup stepped up, citing "it's too broad" and they "don't have enough resources to investigate solicitations" - which in my opinion sucks!

What do you do with a site that has helped save 114+ lives and counting?

Keep the site alive and let the solicitations trickle in - as they will - they always do!   And I will continue to provide diamond certified, five star solutions for those in need!

If you would like to help keep this un-funded website alive, feel free to click here for our GoFundMe page.  Funds raised will help keep this site up and running and potentially save more lives!

Oh, and If Quentin Tarantino or The Cohen Brothers catch wind of this, call me! 

Hey Reddit, it's GuidoRAH AMA!


Rent-A-Hitman: Solusi Point & Click Anda! beroperasi di wilayah Pacific Rim. Jangan ragu untuk mengirimkan formulir web dengan semua rincian, termasuk layanan yang dibutuhkan, dan tentu saja informasi kontak Anda sehingga RAH dapat menghubungi Field Operative Anda. RAH biasanya dapat menyelesaikan masalah Anda dalam beberapa hari yang singkat, asalkan informasi yang diterima akurat.

Salam Hormat,

Guido Fanelli


With over 17,985 Field Operatives world wide, let us customize a solution that fits you!

Fill out the form and don't worry, we won't judge! 

HIPPA Compliant (Hitman Information Privacy& Protection Act)

Rent-A-Hitman: Your Point & Click Solution!

At RAH, your PRIVACY is IMPORTANT to us. Did you know that RAH is the only "Problem Resolution Specialist" that is certified compliant with HIPPA (Hitman Information Privacy & Protection Act).​

Global Crisis Management

RAH has proudly served hundreds of valued customers in over 80 Countries, including Canada and the remote New Ganada Islands!

RAH's global network of highly qualified Field Operatives gives us the edge over our less polished competitors.  

RAH is globally recognized as a leader in the crisis management industry with our outstanding 24/7 customer service.

Service Inquiries

Have a question? Please fill out our secure web form located at the bottom of the page, and include as much detail as possible so that we can assist you further.

RAH is one of the most experienced professional crisis management firms on the World Wide Web - NOT the Dark Web!  

RAH has Field Operatives in every corner of the globe and can dispatch a crisis management team anywhere in the world at a moments notice.

About Us

Guido Fanelli & Family

Guido Fanelli & Family have operated RAH continuously since 1920 and have proudly served both Public and Private sectors.

The RAH Family is constantly growing every day to keep up with the global market needs.  

Want to join the Family? eMail jobs@rentahitman.com and be sure to include a portrait / headshot and list any special skills you may have. Blood, breath or urine tests may be required depending on geographic location. 

Growing List Of Satisfied Clients

RAH has served hundreds of clients over the last 98 years, many of whom have become great leaders in our world.  

RAH guarantees 100% satisfaction or your money back!

2017 JP Dower & Associates awarded RAH the "Best Problem Resolution Business" trophy for excellent customer satisfaction! 

Global Field Operative Network

Wherever you are in the world, RAH is just a smartphone browser away! RAH has proudly been on the World Wide Web since 2008 and has the largest Field Operative Network in the world.  

RAH is not affiliated with the DARK or DEEP WEB due to HIPPA (Hitman Information Privacy & Protection Act of 1964) privacy restrictions.

RAH contracts with over 17,985 Field Operatives in the United States and Overseas, so there's always a skilled expert to assist with your crisis situation.


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Fill out the web form completely so we can process it and dispatch the best Field Operative for your project.  

Incomplete web form submissions will be automatically rejected per section §420 (a) of the HIPPA act of 1964.



Rent-A-Hitman: Your Point & Click Solution!

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